A Collective Presentation.

As New York Fashion Week comes to an end, we took some time out to check out a few emerging designers. With the market so saturated with fashion “hopefuls”, it’s harder to find the diamonds in the ruff... What makes a good apparel brand? The aesthetic of course, and the story behind it. A few young entrepreneurs are taking their passion for designing and building a brand to the next level. and we caught up with a few of them:

Last Friday in NYC, Cmartymar Designer Chris Martin, showcased a collective presentation in collaboration with emerging streetwear Designer/Model, Austen Planes. Chris details his concept ideas coming from out of nowhere and his urge to produce a collaboration for some time now. and what better time to do it, than NYFW, hosted in a cozy manhattan studio, where tastemakers, models and fashion industry people alike mixed and mingled.

Martin’s new pieces, Cmarty Tourist Hoodie and Sweatpants originated from his creative concepts from 4 years ago to now, paired with Austen’s LANES Chest Rigs. The collaboration overall incorporates notes of 90’s style but reinvented, including paying homage to their West Indian roots, street style and urban culture.

Rig inspirations were derived from military garbs and weighted vest. The first ever RIG piece was hand sewn by his grandmother and from there it was taken into production. Since, the brand decided to give it a try and wear them as part of their everyday outfits. Austen, says that his Chest Rigs “are the perfect balance to add to your everyday outfits, simply because they are proportion to be worn as complimentary pieces” or as Chris said “the perfect piece to elevate your street style”.

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