A Collective Presentation.

As New York Fashion Week comes to an end, we took some time out to check out a few emerging designers. With the market so saturated with fashion “hopefuls”, it’s harder to find the diamonds in the ruff... What makes a good apparel brand? The aesthetic of course, and the story behind it. A few young entrepreneurs are taking their passion for designing and building a brand to the next level. and we caught up with a few of them:

Last Friday in NYC, Cmartymar Designer Chris Martin, showcased a collective presentation in collaboration with emerging streetwear Designer/Model, Austen Planes. Chris details his concept ideas coming from out of nowhere and his urge to produce a collaboration for some time now. and what better time to do it, than NYFW, hosted in a cozy manhattan studio, where tastemakers, models and fashion industry people alike mixed and mingled.

Martin’s new pieces, Cmarty Tourist Hoodie and Sweatpants originated from his creative concepts from 4 years ago to now, paired with Austen’s LANES Chest Rigs. The collaboration overall incorporates notes of 90’s style but reinvented, including paying homage to their West Indian roots, street style and urban culture.

Rig inspirations were derived from military garbs and weighted vest. The first ever RIG piece was hand sewn by his grandmother and from there it was taken into production. Since, the brand decided to give it a try and wear them as part of their everyday outfits. Austen, says that his Chest Rigs “are the perfect balance to add to your everyday outfits, simply because they are proportion to be worn as complimentary pieces” or as Chris said “the perfect piece to elevate your street style”.

Check out to Shop the Full Collection.
Cmartymar Instagram | Facebook

LANES Official Instagram | Austen Planes Instagram

Lemon Brands After Hours: 95 Live Show

95 Live Show @ Avant Garde LES

On Thursday, March 30th, Lemon Brands attended the Opening Reception of Avant Garde LES's latest showing, "95 Live Show". The showing is a exploration of an era, a diverse set of featured artists referenced the cultural climate of the mid-1990's through visual works of art.  

The Lemon Brands team enjoyed some drinks and the visual displays while the DJ had Golden Era Hip Hop on heavy rotation. The event was New York to the core. The wallpaper had images of life-sized Subway cars that had been tagged with graffiti and a framed collage of flyers for Jams featuring legends like KRS -1, The Notorious B.I.G., Funkmaster Flex, etc...  was displayed.

It was clear that this event was a reunion of some sorts as people embraced and talked like they hadn't seen each other in awhile. All in all, the music was right, drinks were flowing, and there were good vibes all around.  


Come check out "95 Live Show" @ Avant Garde LES [ 319 Grand Street, NYC ] 

Lemon Brands After Hours: Tower 49 Art Affair


Lemon Brands stopped by to experience the opening of Tower 49, WeWork's largest global space. The soiree was held in a beautiful marble gallery showcasing art by Friedel Dzubas. We sipped on cocktails and enjoyed live music by the Ben Katz Trio. We eventually joined the party upstairs as we were able to get a tour of the new office space.

Congratulations to WeWork for opening a new location! 

Lemon Brands After Hours: Lambda Vodka Tasting


Florida Distilled & Emerging Spirit Hosts Tasting in Harlem!

Lambda Vodka | "The BEGINNING of a New Era"  

Co-Owners/Creators, Charles Hughes and Ricky Solomon were inspired to create a product that the LGBTQ community could call their own. The Lambda name comes from the greek symbol used to represent the Gay Alliance before the Rainbow Flag took its place. 

Greeted with Jello Shots and Brand Stories, Charles and Ricky expressed their love for Nightlife. Which holds an important place in their personal life. When their sexuality was not as accepted, the club was the only place they felt comfortable. Lambda Vodka inspires a sense of community, acceptance, and joy. 

Pick up a bottle at your local Wine & Spirits store and Follow Lambda on IG @LambdaVodka!


To close out February, Lemon Brands walked the Capsule A/W 2017 New York Women's Accessories + RTW Tradeshow to connect with brands ready to make a splash in 2017. 



We were immediately drawn to Aletheia & Phos's booth by a collection of tiny anatomical hearts. For those who like to keep it simple when it comes jewelry, these pieces are perfect! The minimal designs still add a delicate, and tasteful feminine touch.

Facebook  |  Instagram



Alter EGo Adornment  

Adorn's bold display (and the designer's bright blue hair) drew us in to the booth right away. The designs are edgy, unexpected, and handmade! 




Maria mariscal

Everything designed by Maria Mariscal seems to make a bold statement. Her pieces range from necklaces & bracelets adorned with a hand giving you the finger, to wild geometric pieces that completely stand out from the organic shape of your body. 

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Vimeo 



Tina Lilienthal

We heard neon was making a comeback and Tina Lilienthal proves that it's a good thing! Pops of bright pink and orange paired with crystals bring a fun & edgy twist to your wardrobe. Keep it simple with a single wrapped crystal, or go bold with a full neckline.

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter




Fun mix & match charms, golden tassels, colorful Pom Poms... Tamarzizt's bright, funky pieces immediately caught our attention. 

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest




We love Rosefield's beautiful, delicate, and feminine wristwatches! Each collection reminds us of home here at Lemon Brands, as they were inspired by the iconic neighborhoods of New York City. 

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The bold, bright colors of Spitfire’s glasses drew us into their booth. After a closer look, we fell further in love with the clean cuts and unique shapes of their lenses. At a affordable price point, elevating your style was never so easy!

Facebook  |  Instagram



Iala Diez

The craftsmanship and elegant simplicity of these bags demand your attention. Created for the modern and natural women, these bags are perfect of any New Yorker looking for that timeless but contemporary look.   

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Tumblr



Graf lantz

Granf Lantz’s newest collection features clean cut, unhemmed leather with suede and metal accents. For a more traditional look there are different shades of grey and black. For a pop of color there are bags that have a lilac, or burnt orange color. With many sizes, styles, and textures to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

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We spotted these bold geometric shapes popping from a clean cut, bright white sneaker from down the aisle. With their neutral color palette, these shoes will pair perfectly with anything in your closet. 

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter



Krista Norris

Krista’s pieces are everything you love in a good scarf - thick, warm, effortless… However, the Maverick Shawl and Wingtip Scarf allow for a elongated look that falls on your body in the most flattering & fitted way possible. Did we mention how comfortable they are? \

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Hot as Hell

Walking into Hot As Hell's booth like entering a 70's inspired wonderland full of pastels and lace! Whether you’re draped in velvet, wrapped up in lace, or sporting one of their bomber jackets, you'll be feeling hot as hell in these pieces.

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest  |  Vimeo 




Laveer is the creative genius of designer Kat Ciepluch. She is creating for women looking to have a quintessential tailored look without the classic rigid structure. Kat’s recent move to LA has inspired her to play with flow and a new color pallet. Laveer is perfect for women that are looking to elevate their personal style with a timeless tailored look.

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Pintrest 




Consisting of intricate necklines and slashed sleeves, everything about Helter’s featured collection stood out to us. When asked what inspired the collection, the designer told us that he was inspired by the animals of the sea - specifically the stingray.

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  


90 Days - NYC Screening/Panel on Healthy Relationships at the Schomburg Center

On Wednesday, Feb. 22 - Lemon Brands was honored to attend the screening of 90 DAYS presented by the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. (NBLCA) at the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture.

The night started on the red carpet as Nathan Hale Williams, Writer and Co-Director of 90 Days, Jennia Fredrique Aponte, Co-Director of 90 Days, C. Virginia Fields, President and CEO of NBLCA, spoke about the importance of the film and how damaging the stigma of HIV/AIDS has been in black communities around the United States.

As part of the Nathan Hale Williams and Jennia Fredrique Aponte’s 90 DAYS: ADVOCACY, ACTIVISM, & STORYTELLING series, they hope screenings like this will start conversations around healthy relationship and educate people about HIV/AIDS. With conviction, Nathan explained, “This was divinity inspired and divinely carried.”

There is no shortage of talent in this film as the cast features the likes of Teyonah Parris, Nick Few, Pauletta Washington, Rodney Chester, Emmett Short, and V. Bozeman.

The film takes us into the lives of Jessica, played by Teyonah Parris, and Talyor, played by Nic Few, after 90 days of dating. After claiming, “I have known her since I meet her”. Taylor is tested after Jessica tells him a secret that threatens to undo everything they created together. This film asks us to answer the question is love greater than anything?

The power of the film is in the way it approaches the topic of HIV/AIDS. It tackles stigma through a personal narrative that shows us the pain and hope someone with HIV lives with. How does one find love and intimacy while being HIV positive? Far from a presentation of data, this is an emotional call that shakes our very beliefs.  

After the screening, a thoughtful panel focused on knowing your HIV status in a relationship and how to you have that conversation along with getting tested. There was no shortage of wisdom and knowledge on stage. Panelists shared with the audience ways to move beyond the stigma and having open conversations through couple HIV testing, normalizing testing in the community, and telling your story about HIV.

Facing issues like HIV/AIDS can seem daunting but with healthcare professionals, political leaders, artists, and loved ones coming together at this event it is clear that there is a community of love that can conquer all

The Sweet Taste of Success

LEMON BRANDS takes Microsoft Store - Fifth Avenue 

Presented at Manmade Productions - "You Better Work!" Workshop

On Feb. 17th, 2017, Lemon Brands gave a presentation on how to stay lemon fresh in your professional life online and in the office as a part of Manmade Productions, “You Better Work!” work preparedness workshop at Microsoft Store- Fifth Avenue. Teaming up with Microsoft, the workshop was for the transgender and gender non-conforming communities along with their allies.

Using tools like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram job seekers can demonstrate to employers their skills, personality, and values. More than ever recruiters and hiring managers are using social media to find their next hire. By taking the time to refresh these critical social media profiles, applicants can truly connect with companies that are looking for their unique talents.

The rise of online recruiting has not diminished the importance of candidates walking into interviews looking professional and confident. Hiring Mangers need to be able to imagine you working in their office. Dressing to fit the job is critical in making that happen. We provided the audience with a range of different outfits choices depending on the dress code of the office.

We would like to thank Manmade Productions for giving us the opportunity to speak at such a powerful event. We truly hope our presentation will help someone find their dream job. 

Top Brands of CAPSULE New York Men's FW17

Lemon Brands x Capsule New York Men's FW17 |  TOP BRANDS of 2017

This year Lemon Brands walked the CAPSULE New York Men's FW17 show to stay up to date with all the new brands showcasing their FW17 lines. We came up with a list highlighting the Top Brands of Capsule. 



This contemporary streetwear brand marries quality garments and expressive creativity. The brand started out in 2013 with a 5-panel cap designed by two college friends. Since then their brand recognition has risen as Qilo continues to center its design aesthetic around the pineapple: the international symbol of hospitality. With a strong presence in quality headwear, Qilo is expanding into bomber jackets, parkas and suede longline coats.


Check out the latest from Qilo: 

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Tumblr



This two-year-old brand was the manifestation of a dream. As London-based designer Stephen Akpotaime professes, “I love food, I dreamt of a chicken.” Using the concept of food, Stephen’s aim is to make you think with some, “food for thought”. Citing importance of fair trade and a renewed sense of environmental stewardship, he makes sure his product are eco-friendly. Each piece is also numbered as only a limited number of each style is printed and sold. Talking about the future, he told Lemon Brands he is looking to customer feedback to tell him where to take Foodi saying, "I will let you tell me because you are the customer.”

Check out the latest from Foodi:

Instagram  |  Website



Bristol is a Los Angeles-based garment studio and lifestyle brand that was a result of collaboration between two designers and lifelong friends. Tommy Novels, one of the Co-founders/Designers, explained that their garments represents a, “refined but naive fashion” that represents the neighborhood all the designers grew up in. Rapidly finding fans across the country, Bristol Los Angeles is ready to bring their unique style to the east coast.

Check out the latest from Bristol Los Angeles:

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram



Mixing traditional methods with contemporary style, Country of Origin has 35 years of the most experience hand-frame knitters in Scotland creating timeless apparel. Taking inspiration from painter Kazimir Malevich and the effect of bold primary colors, the pieces combine quality with strong design elements. Country of Origin is primarily sold in Japan, but be on the lookout as they move into the US market.

Check out the latest from Country of Origin: 

Website  |  Twitter  |  Instagram 



This apparel brand takes inspiration from the eccentric lower eastside of New York where global minds and the multi-cultural mix constantly on every block. The fusion of these influences has brought to life a style that is visibly unique with its unisex style and modern interpretations of the different worlds we inhabit. The strength of this brand is in the versatility of the pieces allowing Fried Rice to reach a wide range of customers.


Check out the latest from Fried Rice:

Website  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest   |  Twitter  |  Facebook 


Top Brands of Liberty Fair NYC '17

Lemon Brands x Liberty Fair NYC '17  |  Top Brands of 2017

This year Lemon Brands walked the Liberty Fair NYC '17 show to stay up to date with all the new brands showcasing new collections. We came up with a list highlighting the Top Brands of Liberty Fair NYC. 


Descendants of Thieves

When Matteo Maniatty approached Dres Ladro with the idea of starting Descendant of Thieves, he was initially hesitant. Ladro, an ardent believer of individuality and exclusivity, accepted Maniatty’s offer by creating limited edition pieces with selective distribution. The brand stays true to that vision to this day by boldly telling viewers to not wear the brand for it isn’t for everyone. Descendant of Thieves is known for creating pieces with razor sharp slim fits and reverse engineering. Ladro designs from the inside out, adding hidden messages and concealed pockets to their signature shirts and blazers. 


Check out the latest from Descendant of Thieves:

Website  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Facebook 


Android Homme

Los Angeles based brand that was founded by Javier Laval in 2008 after seeing a void in the affordable luxury space between $200-$400. Obsessed with design, detail, construction and quality the shoes are all designed in LA and hand made in Italy. Taking inspiration from architecture and sacred geometry this season's collection incorporates details that make you take a closer look. The clashing of aggressive and minimal design with quality craftsmanship get to the heart of the brand, “it is never too late to reprogram”.  


Check out the latest from Android Homme:

Website  |   Instagram  |   Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Tumblr


Ezra Arthur

The brainchild of four brothers, Ezra Arthur creates heirloom pieces that merge contemporary engineering and timeless practices to produce one of a kind leather goods. It’s the quintessential American brand; Ezra Arthur designs and manufacture all of their pieces in Arizona’s warehouse district. Their selection is varied manufacturers everything from leather belts, bracelets, wallets, snap pouches, and razor cases.


Check of the latest from Ezra Arthur:

Website  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Tumblr


Golden Bear SportsWear

When it comes to menswear jackets, Golden Bear Sportswear is the go to brand. The sportswear started in San Francisco in 1922 selling dockworker coats to the locals. Fast forward a century, this legacy brand is still in the Bay Area, producing great quality outerwear. Updated pieces like the bright varsity jackets and naked finishes for FW17 play to the younger markets while the lambskin bombers and leather jackets are classics. The jackets are true investment pieces, with the leather gaining patina over time proving that Golden Bear Sportswear gets better with age.


Check out the latest from Golden Bear: 

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 





This year Lemon Brands walked the Agenda NYC show to stay up to date with all the new brands showcasing their FW17 lines. Looking around we came up with a list of brands that caught our eye at this year's show. 



Combining Japanese mechanics, Scandinavian clean cut design, and a strong social value statement Chpo delivers a classic look at an affordable price hence their saying, “anyone, anywhere.” While providing a premium product Chpo is quick to point out what they stand for telling us on their website, “If you hate homosexuals, people of different color or women, please do this one favor for us. Don’t buy our gear.” Based in Stockholm, Sweden, they are currently selling in 21 countries. As CEO Viktor Telegin looks toward the future, he wishes to increase awareness of the brand internationally partnering with brand ambassadors and building content that can spread across the social media world. 


Check out the latest from CHPO:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Pintest  | Instagram  |  Twitter  



Featuring their Tactical Jackets, Weiv showcases a classic look with a twist that is perfect for anyone that is looking to make a statement. Focusing on the basics, the design team aimed to used different color palettes and silhouettes to give the customer pieces that can be layered and styled in numerous ways.  In addition to style, comfort is the word that comes to mind with Weiv. The cotton spandex fabric they use with their lazy silhouettes allows the clothes to be lighter without compromising comfort.


Check out the latest from Weiv: 

Website  |  Instagram 



Into their tenth year, the Canadian brand’s attention to detail is what truly makes them unique. Derived from the Greek word, oikoumene, Ekumenik stands for “The Inhabited World.”  Providing an escape from the mundane, this menswear brand chases adventure. After all, the apparel is manufactured in Bali, the surf destination for anyone looking for a scenic escape. Known for their modern knits and soft flannels, Ekumenik strategically selects its fabrics to enhance its fit focused pieces.


Check out the latest from Ekumenik:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 


Justina Valentine Calendar Launch at 710 WEST in NYC

A Night at Justina Valentine's 2017 Calendar Release Party

Early last week, MTV’s Wild ’N Out Star Justina Valentine released her 2017 Limited Edition Calendar. The Launch Party was held at Upper West Side’s 710 West, showcasing the fiery red head in a variety of spreads for the year. Guests included Grammy Award winning producer Jerry Wonda and artist Fred the Godson. Stay tuned for new music releases from the growing artist and watch her on MTV’s Wild ’N Out.

Purchase your CALENDAR, HERE

Download her album SCARLET LETTER on iTunes

Follow her on INSTAGRAM @justinavalentine

Lemon Brands | SWEETLIFE



New York, New York - Thursday, November 10th, 2016 (Lemon Brands) - In Support of Transgender Awareness Week and the Annual November 20th Transgender Day of Remembrance, Lemon Brands - SweetLife has sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner celebration in NYC. Hosted by Manmade Productions, Lemon Brands encourages those of the LGBT community and its allies to Join us at this years’ TRANS-Giving Dinner in NYC.

On November 17, 2016, Manmade Productions/The G.H.O.S.T. Project, T-time with the Gurlz, GMHC, HousingWorks, Metro Plus, Lemon Brands, Dominican Women’s Development Center (DWDC), Salaam Pharmacy, Argus, Princess Janae Place and a few other local community organizations are joining forces to bring the Brooklyn Community NYC Trans-Giving 2016. 

There will be free food, music, entertainment, Trans-Education, free HIV testing, a live taping of T-time with the Gurlz, sisterhood, brotherhood, fun, fabulousness and so much more.  So if you live in or plan on visiting the NYC area and you either identify as transgender or you just want to support and uplift the transgender community, please join us for this joyous occasion on November 17, at the Marte Hall located at 81 Siegel Street from 3 until 7 p.m.




Lenox Laser & Esthetics Supports the American Cancer Society



New York, New York - Thursday, October 13th, 2016 (Lenox Laser & Esthetics) - In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Lenox Laser and Esthetics is extending their Grand Opening Specials and Pricing!

In Addition to our company donation, for all appointments booked for the Month of October, a percentage of the service fee will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s 'Making Strides Against Breast Cancer'.

The American Cancer Society is the leader in helping to finish the fight against breast cancer. Every contribution assists in groundbreaking breast cancer research to better understand, prevent, find, and treat the disease. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States. Do your part to help support, educate and spread love to those affected by the life changing disease. 

JOIN Team Lenox Laser & Esthetics THIS Sunday, October 16th 8:00AM as we walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park, NYC!

Sign Up and Receive Lenox Laser and Esthetics Merchandise (Bag + T-shirt)
PLUS a Chance to Win a FREE Facial!

Register Now!


Book Your Breast Cancer Awareness Month Appointment!

337 Lenox Avenue | New York, NY 10027 | 646.854.2424 |

BRAND Manager


RAGTRADE Takes Atlanta!

This weekend Lemon Brands flew back to Atlanta to attend the very first RAGTRADE Atlanta fashion showcase. Founded by industry professionals Angela Watts and Katie Kern, RAGTRADE Atlanta is a series of events hosted in Atlanta, GA to showcase and promote independent fashion designers from the southeast region. With hopes to brand Atlanta as the next big city with an emerging fashion community, RAGTRADE provides opportunity for industry buyers, editors and retailers to connect with fresh local talent.

Hosted this year at the W Hotel in Buckhead, RAGTRADE definitely executed an amazing industry standard event. From the red carpet to the Style Lounge and to the runway, RAGTRADE impeccably collected industry professionals and talent together in one fabulous setting. The stars of this year’s fashion show were designers Natt Taylor, Milo Beloved, Larika Page, Anna Toth and Edmond Newton.  Check OUT some photos from the event and be sure to follow RAGTRADE on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Be sure to look out for next year’s event hosted at Piedmont Park! 

RAW Spotlights INOVATION3 at Allure in NYC!

For Immediate Release

INOVATION3 to Debut F/W 2014 Collection in NYC!

New York, New York – Wednesday, August 13, 2014 (INOVATION3) – To end a great summer, INOVATION3 announces that the fashion + lifestyle brand will be featured in the upcoming Allure event hosted by RAW Artists.

Held at the Cutting Room in New York (44 E 32nd Street) on Friday, September 5th from 7PM – 1AM. RAW Artists will spotlight emerging independent artists in the visual arts, film, fashion, music, hair + makeup artistry, photography, models and performing arts.

Amongst the many artists to be featured at the event, INOVATION3 will have a special treat in store. INOVATION3 will be debuting their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection for NYC to see. To Attend the NYC RAW showcase and view the INOVATION3 new collection first, visit to purchase your tickets. This is a 21+ event and last minute tickets will be sold at the door for an additional cost.

About INOVATION3: INOVATION3 is a Lifestyle brand that encompasses the life of a "GENIUS”, their clothes fit like a GOODidea. Their mission is to provide quality clothing that fits your lifestyle. NEVER DIM. #LIGHTBULBSEVERYWHERE . INOVAtion3 is a Lifestyle brand, which through Nostalgic Euphoria inspires the GENUIS inside Creatives to access the love vibration through human experience. INOVAtion3 is a LUCID Dream. INOVAtion3 is Imagination affirmed. INOVAtion3 is infinite Inspiration. INOVAtion3 allows creatives, though expressions of LIGHT access to the GOODidea. Transcending cultural thresholds through branded representation of life, community and individuality.

About RAW: natural born artists is an international independent arts organization that hand-selects and spotlights independent artists in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art. RAW's mission is to provide up-and-coming artists of all creative realms with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity so that they might be seen, heard and loved. RAW educates, connects and exposes emerging artists in over 60 artistic communities across the United States, Australia, Canada and the U.K. through monthly showcase events. Join us in celebrating the work of these artists.

Sharda Beverly